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Today, social media use is immense, and many younger people automatically turn there not only for entertainment but also to learn... stuff. On TikTok alone, the views of #personalfinance just hit 4.6 BILLION, and counting!


But the quality of what's out there is not always great, with the worst of them dishing out dangerously awful and irresponsible advice.

The Limitless Team is building an exciting, content-led and gamified app for Millennials and Zoomers to help them improve their long term financial habits. 


Expertly curated knowledge bank of accurate, informative and fun videos


Exclusive framework and proprietary scoring system for users to see how they are getting along

Engaging long form written content for more information and clear action points 


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Meet The Team


CEO, Co-founder

Ka has over 30 years in the financial services industry in London, New York and Singapore as a fund manager and stockbroker. Starting at Schroders in London two weeks before Black Monday 1987, he was an equity analyst covering sectors as diverse as UK energy and leisure in London and Asia real estate and hospitality in Singapore before moving onto Smith New Court (later Merrill Lynch), which posted him to NY, to lead coverage of key institutional investors in NY, Boston, SF and Texas. During this period, he obtained his MBA (Dean’s List) from Columbia University.


He returned to Singapore with Credit Suisse First Boston as a Director before co-founding Stretto Capital, a hedge fund managing an unconstrained Asia long-short portfolio. Stretto was sold to a Malaysian investment bank with a large wealth management platform, where the Stretto team was tasked with managing and building the alternative investment teams in KL, HK and Jakarta in addition to running the flagship portfolio.


He joined JP Morgan as an Executive Director for five years before joining a boutique wealth management company as a portfolio manager and a spell as an SVP at a US investment bank before going full time in 2018 with Limitless, the fintech that he co-founded in Singapore in 2016. 

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COO, Co-founder

David is based in Singapore.  He covers operations and finance for the UK, Polish and Singaporean group companies. 

Working with Ka, he is responsible for strategy and business development in Asia.

David qualified as an accountant (FCCA) with PwC and worked in the consulting world in London for 15 years, covering mostly financial clients, but also many public sector clients. 

He enjoys working internationally and on complex cross border projects.  He worked on the Administration of Lehman Brothers, covering several operational roles and realised that Fintech would be the catalyst for solving the too big to fail issue and disrupting the financial services sector.


He is certified in Fintech from the Said Business school at the University of Oxford.  He has expertise in Gamification and AI.  

He has worked with a number of startups in London, Europe and Singapore.

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Chief Technology Officer

With engineering experience in both Polish and US insurance companies, building a sales platform and a detailed property insurance system respectively, Maciej came to Limitless with a large portfolio of skills. Maciej is a fan of quality and clean code, and is always looking at ways to improve his skills. 

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Pilot Manager

Football Enthusiast

Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Adelaide

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Content Team

Unqualified in Singlish

Bachelor in Economics and Management (Honours), University of Portsmouth

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Marketing Team

Bathroom Hogger

Undergraduate at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

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Wen Qian

Marketing Team

Overqualified in Singlish

Undergraduate at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

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Kai Bin

Content Team

Other Cat Lover

Undergraduate at NTU

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Meet Our Advisers

Seven Dollar Millionaire

The Seven Dollar Millionaire


Although the original Seven Dollar Millionaire had worked in finance for more than 20 years, selling billion-dollar deals and managing the assets of some of the world’s smartest investors, the concept was born when his teenage daughter asked him a question he didn’t know the answer to: what’s the smallest amount of money you can save and invest every day to become a millionaire in your lifetime?


He was genuinely surprised by the answer he calculated, and re-did the calculations over and over again to check: you only need to save $7 a day, and invest them for 7% returns, to become a millionaire through a 50-year career. 


A previously magical number, a million dollars, that we all assume would require jackpot or game show winnings, was actually within reach of up to half the people on the planet. 


He checked with everyone he knew, Googled it, and nobody else seemed to know the answer. This seemed strange for what would appear to be such a simple answer to a universal question. Why didn’t more people know this?


More people didn’t know this because so few people are financially literate. This is not our fault. We just aren’t taught it. Considering how important money is to our lives, a pitiful proportion of our education is spent learning even the basic concepts or building the habits that might make more of us successful with money. 


Millions of people flee from poor countries every year to find work in richer countries, but due to lack of financial knowledge, they are scammed, they fail to save and invest, and most return home with little to show for the time they have spent away from their families. 


In those very same rich countries, up to half the population might live one crisis away from absolute poverty, from borrowing at rates that will guarantee they can’t escape. In late 2019, 59% of Americans didn’t have $1,000 in funds in case of emergency. In 2020, that emergency came.

You may visit his website here.



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